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Indian Creek High School Class of 1982
Senior Polls from 1982
Wanted For The Reunion
20-Year Reunion Questionaire Results and Other Nifty Facts about Classmates
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Contact Info For the 2007 Reunion
Class Roster For ICHS 1982
Senior Polls from 1982

And the results were.....

Best Smile: Beth Saladin and David Parker
Most Talented: LaDonna Wert and Dirk Hunt
Class Clowns: Lisa Roller and Phil Artman
Biggest Flirt: Kelley Poe and Lee Weddle
Best Legs: Tanya Woodbury and Greg Hash
Best Personality: Tanya Woodbury and Lee Weddle
Most Likely To Succeed: Kay Sichting and Chris Senteney
Biggest Mooch: Tonya Kelly and Roger Kean
Most Spirited: Julia Hensley and Dan Brock
Most Athletic: Kris Hash and David Parker
Best Dressed: Donna Skaggs and Chris Nordhoff

Class Colors: Burgundy and White
Class Flower: Red and White Rose
Class Motto : The man who moves a mountain begins by
carrying away small stones--
Chinese Proverb

Class Officers: Penny Hamilton, President
Becky Scott, Vice President
Belinda Renner, Secretary
Jerry Snyder, Treasurer

Class Sponsers: Mrs. Kaye Mishler
Mr. Donald Mitchell