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Indian Creek High School Class of 1982
Wanted For The Reunion
Wanted For The Reunion
20-Year Reunion Questionaire Results and Other Nifty Facts about Classmates
Pictures from IC
Favorite Links
Contact Info For the 2007 Reunion
Class Roster For ICHS 1982
Senior Polls from 1982

We are still seeking the following people:

Chuck Abbott
Tony Allen
Dan Brock
Laura Buckley
Alana Burton
Melanie Campbell 
Shelly Mease
Charlotte Elliot 
Fred Green
Chris Greene
Mike James
Patty Lanham 
Daniel Martinez
Liza Rosalie Miller
Mark Nickel
Chris Nordhoff
David Oliver
Carol Pittman 
Lisa Roller
Sheila Rowe
Francis Ruffin 
Maria Del Villar
Judy Warren
Brett Wells
Jamie Williams
Danny Williams 

If you are on this list or know where we can find someone who's on it, PLEASE contact one of us:

Susan Miller Collins:
Tina Earles Pickhardt:

We Want To See Everyone At The Reunion!!!!!

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