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Indian Creek High School Class of 1982
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Hello, Indian Creek Class of '82!

Well, our 20-Year Reunion has come and gone.  It was really, really great to see everyone.  Although we didn't have as many people as we had hope for, I think everyone had a great time.  And I certainly learned a lot while planning and attending this reunion.  I learned that while some things definitely change as years go by, some things never do.  I learned that you really can make a friend for life in the second grade.  (Thanks, Juanita!!!  Redneck Girls will always rule!)  I learned that making a new friend can be a blast, too.  (Thanks, Susan.  You truly have a heart of gold.)  I learned that keeping it simple really is the best way.  I learned that you can find something in common with everyone, if you just take the time.  I learned that one should NEVER dance in new shoes, but it's also a bad idea to dance barefoot with someone who steps on your feet. (Ouch, Mickey!)   I learned that someone who has had too much to drink should never sing karaoke or lead the conga line, no matter what Lyle the DJ Man says.  (Cindy, thanks for your support!!)  I learned that no matter high-tech the nifty little digital camera is, if you are too toasted to use the darn thing your pictures are probably not going to be very good.  I learned that Pat Davis is a brief man, not a boxer man....but ONLY because he told me.  (Woo-hoo, Pat!)  I learned that I may have missed a lot by not getting to know some of my classmates a little better 20 years ago.  (Sam and Sharon, Norm and Diane, Lyle and Sonya,  Lee Williamson, Kim Ford....the Pine Room has terrible coffee, but it was fun.)  I learned that sometimes it really is all about having a good time and not worrying about the details. 

We are still missing lots of people.  Susan did an awesome job of
of locating classmates, sometimes I think through sheer determination alone.  If you run into classmates:  please, please take a minute to exchange information and then forward it to Susan at  Our goal was to not leave anyone out, but that was hard to do when we couldn't find people!  And if you aren't already registered on, you should take a few minutes and do that.  It was very helpful to be able to contact people that way.  If you move, please be sure to let Susan know.  We can't contact you if we don't know where you are! 

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

If you did not attend the reunion, I really hope you will think about attending when our 25-year rolls around.  You missed a very good time at the 20.  You missed a lot of people making fools of themselves in the most wonderful ways.  So, whether you didn't think you would enjoy yourself, had other obligations that kept you away, or didn't think you wanted to see any of your classmates again,  please reconsider in 2007.  You really will have fun, trust me.  And you might even learn something!   

Pictures from the reunion will be added slowly but surely to this site.  If you have pictures, please email or send them to me and I will be glad to post those, too.  See reference to digital camera above: some of mine are not very good!  I would also love to have current pictures of classmates to post here, too, so feel free to send those as well.  I can't promise I will get the pics on here quickly, but I will get them on! 

Feedback on the reunion would also be appreciated.  Let us know what you thought of the location, the food, the cost, the entertainment, etc.  We can't fix it if we don't know what to fix.

For the 64 people who attended the 20-year reunion.....THANKS!  We hope you had as much fun as we did.  Hope to see you all soon.  Take care!